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Winter Steam

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Winter Steam

I looove beauty products that are organic or all-natural.

Paraben-free is always a winner, too. Ingredients picked by my own hand from the tree? Well, that’s my dream.

I know it sounds crazy to be the kind of person who would pretty much make lipstick out of berries (mulberries would make such a beautiful color, don’t you think?! Ahhh..), but I am a sucker for it. I feel so much better about using (and spending my money) on a product that doesn’t have chemicals or weird preservatives that they don’t even know the effects of yet…

Recently, I came across FIG+YARROW and their stuff is pretty incredible. My favorite at the moment is this special face steaming kit, which makes you feel like you’ve gone to a spa for an organic facial or something special… it’s a package of herbs that cleanse the skin and help with respiratory health (what?!!). It’s really beautiful — you can see all of the herbs and dried berries like they were picked straight up from the woods.

It’s also super easy. You just pour a handful in a bowl with boiling water, throw a towel over your head and breathe deep for ten minutes…

Is it just me, or do you prefer natural beauty products too?

Winter Steam, FIG+YARROW.


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  • That sounds like the perfect way to relax…or recover from a winter cold!

  • Wow their stuff sounds really great, will definitely be checking it out! There aren’t enough good natural makeup brands about!

    Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

  • Goodness gracious. It looks like a tasty herbal tea. I’d love to have a nice steam with that.
    :] // ? ?

  • Haha! You’re not crazy Neada, I’m just beginning to prepare my own shampoo and hair mask and my hair says thanks to me every day! ;) There is a store in Paris, Aroma Zone, with a lot of organic oil,essantial oil etc… It’s just awesome!!!!

  • I think I’ve lived in Portland too long…isn’t this the universal ideal?? All natural and organic? Of course not all organic products are created equal, and somehow Nars keeps slipping in my make up bag (oops)…but ya. You’re not crazy. Maybe West Coast, but not crazy ;)

  • I changed my beauty routine about 2 years ago and completely got rid of all my glamorous products from Chanel, YSL, Shiseido, Clinique… Since then I’ve been using only natural cosmetics and my sensitive skin is so much better that I use much less make up. This trend seems to grow bigger and bigger and I’m happy that now there are a lot of new and cool brands out there like Kjaer Weis, which by the way have amazing packaging too!

  • I switched to a natural cosmetics for a few years, and cut out dairy/gf/sugar and a curious thing happened: my once smooth, glowing, problem-free skin took a turn for the worse. I got a lot of acne and scarring as a result. But I guess it could be hormones (I’m 39) to blame. My body on the other hand, has never looked or felt better. I read one of those books by a famous derm who advocates eating clean, non-dairy for her clients (it included before and after pics of her patients) so it was a bummer to experience the opposite if good skin.

  • This sounds wonderful! Steaming is so great for your skin and the extra goodness from the herbs would be so luxurious. A very refreshing start to the new year. Lovely post Neada.

  • All natural is the way to go for sure. Once I started using natural products, every skin problem I had cleared up.

  • This looks great. For another line of natural skin based products, I love Leaves of Trees. It’s made from argan oil and is free of chemicals. The deodorants and skin scrubs are amazing.

  • Here’s to the link to the Leaves of Trees website

  • definitely gonna have to try their stuff! Love natural products

  • I’m definitely a natural beauty kind of girl!
    All my make-up is natural, and my bathroom cabinet resembles a kitchen, with a jar of coconut oil and some apple cider vinegar! Raw honey and tea tree oil are a staple for when I need to refresh my skin, and I always make my own scrubs and masks!!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  • We’re definitely on the same page. I prefer natural, cruelty free products. I started paying attention to the package too: is it recyclable? is it paper, glass or plastic? I’m still looking for a perfect concealer, but I hope I’ll find something good soon.

  • Just be careful with the “natural” label, just because it wasn’t man made it doesn’t mean it can’t have terrible side effects, but it does mean no one will have tested them. And the converse is also true, just because it’s a synthetic chemical it doesn’t make it automatically worse than the natural products. Arsenic is natural, pure tea tree oil is also toxic. There are herbs that will interfere with medicine as common as birth control, for example. The best thing is to learn how to read the labels and make informed decisions based on them, be the product “natural” and “organic” or not :)

  • eastvillagesiren December, 16 2014, 6:08

    Very well said. And also, chemicals are in every skin care product, “natural” or not.

  • I definitely am starting to favour more organic and natural beauty products, and this product sounds lovely!
    I think I will start a good face steam once a week! always makes my skin glow

    x Luciana

  • Bonjour,

    Jolie photo qui donne envie de tester ce produit ! Moi aussi, j’aime ce qui est le plus naturel possible !
    D’ailleurs, ce produit me rappelle un mélange d’huile essentielles que j’utilise avec eau chaude et torchon pour soigner un rhume et ma peau en même temps ! Même s’il est moins joli à regarder, il est très efficace ! (Je n’ai plus la marque en mémoire mais il est facile à dégoter en pharmacie, en France !)
    Par contre, attention, on m’a recommander de n’utiliser qu’une EAU FRÉMISSANTE ! Bouillante, elle abime les voies respiratoires, d’après le médecin.
    Bonne journée.

  • Je suis tout à fait d accord ! J en ai marre d’utiliser et dépenser mon argent pour ces produits “toxiques” !!! Et depuis que je n’utilise que des produits soit naturels, soit fait maison, ma peau est réellement différente et s’ est vraiment améliorée ! Donc, je dis Oui au produits naturels ! Et courage, je suis sûre que tu arriveras un jour à réaliser ton “rêve ultime” !!!

  • I only use natural beauty and hair products. You have to give your body time to adjust to the change, but once it does, you’ll be amazed by the results.

  • Will try this fig and plants steam for the face because I love natural non aggressive things for beauty!

  • Wow, thanks! I wonder if I can get a hold of it in London. Sounds yum.
    Shop emerging designers from around the world all in one place. Sign up for a discount in the run up to the holidays!

  • oh ça fait super envie, c’est joli, très christmas mood je trouve. super idée

  • when i wear makeup, i prefer organic and fully natural beauty products. in fact, it’s all i use and purchase.
    no chemicals on my face or body and not in my stomach either :)

    thanks for addressing this in a post. it’s rare on an upscale site, but i do think it is the future of make up (and everything) as people become more educated about these issues.

    there are more and more companies out there with better and better, completely, fully natural, makeup and skin products.

  • The proof is in the product, too! I definitely feel the difference in makeup as well; mineral powder always feels lighter and less stressful on my skin than a drugstore-bought foundation. And love your addition about chemicals in your stomach — very important to me!! Thanks x

  • J’adore tes post Neada :-)

  • I used to use completely high end dept store brands and finding it all so artificial, I decided to ditch them for more natural products. Of course we must be careful of these labels but I find there are good communities like No More Dirty Looks and not one to give up on my beloved luxury endeavors, I have discovered Spirit Beauty Lounge one of the luxury natural beauty retailers on the web.

    I love face steaming not just for winter but to clear skin during summer as well. And for those of you who might be hesitant to try out the very natural products I recommend the YULI line, their entire range is so exquisite and they use a lot of science and are technologically advanced.

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