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The project of self-discovery can often be a daunting one. When you realize that there is work to be done on yourself, where do you begin? Usually, It isn’t a linear path with a prescribed route towards enlightenment. Self-discovery is messy. It’s thought-provoking in ways that will push you beyond your comfort zone.

Though much of the process is an intensely personal one, there are also elements that can be worked through in various communal environments. With WITHIN, Hedy Nazarian seeks to create one of those supportive spaces for people. After finding herself embarking upon her own journey of self-discovery–navigating through often-tumultuous realities of marriage, parenthood, and career–Hedy was inspired by her new positive mindset to encourage others along their own discoveries within.

Through a series of in-person, community events, WITHIN carves out a physical space for reflection for its participants. Hedy has partnered with individuals such as medical doctors and meditation experts, to self-care/ lifestyle brands (such as one of our favorites, côte!) to bring an unforgettable experience to her community. Ultimately, the goal is to walk away having begun the work to set you on the path towards self-discovery. Below, learn more about Hedy’s inspirations, challenges, and hopes for her WITHIN mission.


What inspired you to found WITHIN?
Over the past 20 years, I got married, had 3 children and started my own career. Navigating all these important moments in my life led me to embark on a journey of personal growth and self discovery. 6 years ago, I felt a calling to share this world I had discovered with my community who felt a yearning to learn more. So, I founded WITHIN. I wanted to create access to powerful resources that I truly believe could change the trajectory of someone’s life.

What do you hope for guests to walk away from a WITHIN event with?
My programs are designed to leave you feeling empowered knowing that the life you envision for yourself is within reach and the power to achieve it lies within you. Our workshops and panels aim to improve your relationship with yourself, your children, your spouse, the way you approach your health, and your self-dialogue. My hope is that the naysayers and skeptics see the benefits and feel that this is a world they belong in. There is a place for everyone here to thrive and improve their quality of life. My goal is that they leave with practical tools to unlock an inner world at peace.

Can you outline for us what a WITHIN event might look or feel like?
There’s an emphasis on balancing a program that engages your heart and your mind. Our last summit started with a heart centering kundalini session followed by a fascinating Keynote by Anita Moorjani discussing her healing journey and sharing her wisdom. The following day, we discussed cutting edge research about the mind body connection and our power to heal. We gained a better understanding of ourselves with Enneagram survey workshops and followed that with a wellness suite providing Ayurveda readings and treatments from Surya Spa, Theragun body massages, cupping, acupuncture, and non toxic manicures by côte. We closed out our last day hosting a panel discussion with holistic nutritionist, Elissa Goodman and functional MD, Dr.Apostolos Lekkos discussing the keys to thriving as we age. We ended with a “Magic Nap” Meditation by Amy Budden.

What are the benefits of practicing self-development the WITHIN way?
All the tools we share and workshops we provide are designed to leave you feeling empowered. You will learn to optimize your life from the inside out. You gain access to renowned experts and New York Times bestselling authors in an intimate setting.

We are careful to provide programs that don’t overwhelm you and leave you feeling defeated with an insurmountable barrage of information.

All of our programs are curated for a balance of speaker panels, workshops, and experiences. We strive to provide high quality programming and we only feature teachers we believe are dynamic and engaging speakers and experts in their field. But most importantly, we create the space and opportunity for moments of self realization and self discovery to ultimately live a more conscious life.

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