Hey Kids!

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I can’t tell how many times I’ve watched this video since we finished editing.

The shoot happened the day of the opening of the Bonpoint Store, in Soho. We had built a white seamless and asked 13 kids to come play in front of the camera.

Usually, I don’t direct too much – my videos are more like mini reportages. I did it for the first time for Whistles, where I was telling the models exactly what I wanted them to do. Yes yes, I was doing all the movements with them and I was dancing with them, except behind the camera. It was exhausting but easy; they’re super talented.

But with kids, I was a bit scared.
Nah, not scared of kids (I’m a big sister, an aunt and in case I need to look for my inner authority, I’ve been a supervisor in a “sensitive” high school when I was a student) but worried I wouldn’t be able to direct them.

I was forgetting how much kids love a camera. Just putting them in front of it was enough – they would start having fun and showing us what they could do (hoola hoop with 5 hoolas anyone?). For the ones who where shy, just letting them play with other kids and they’d totally forget the camera. And whenever we didn’t know what to do, I would throw confetti. Worked every
time :)

I still was exhausted by the end, but super happy.
I love the video, so I wanted to share it. It’s fun, simple, and we don’t talk about kids enough around here – and they have a few things to teach us about fashion and attitude ;)

PS: The song is “Bounce the Ball” by Rachael Dadd.


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